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How to make DuckDuckGo the default search engine in Chromium

The folks behind DuckDuckGo have been deftly positioning the search engine as one you should be using, if you are tired or want to avoid snooping by Google and others like it. It is a message that I have bought into, and I think you will too, once you get to know how Google and other search engines track and bubble you.

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Created by finid 5 years 49 weeks ago – Made popular 5 years 49 weeks ago
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Web Search By The People, For The People: YaCy 1.0

The YaCy project is releasing version 1.0 of its peer-to-peer Free Software search engine. The software takes a radically new approach to search. YaCy does not use a central server. Instead, its search results come from a network of currently over 600 independent peers. In such a distributed network, no single entity decides what gets listed, or in which order results appear.

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Free Software: 3 Major Projects That Haven't Happened Yet

In this small rant, I address things that I wish would hurry up and exist to aid the FOSS communities around the world. The list might expand, I'm not sure yet.

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Google expands tracking to logged out users

You Google Google while Google Googles you. Also check out included Scroogle link - no cookies, no search-term records and access log deleted after 48 hours.

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Wikipedia Takes on Google and Yahoo with its new Wikia Search

"...Wikipedia plans to release a new search engine in December called Wikia Search. The hope being that it will be a successful rival to Google and Yahoo! The plan is for anyone with sufficient programming knowledge to contribute to its development, ultimately enhancing the search experience for the consumer..."

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