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Danger of using RFID in passport cards -- via Richard Stallman, The Last of the True Hackers


RMS: « A clever hacker (though the reason he is a hacker is not what they think) demonstrated the danger of using RFIDs in US passport cards.

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RFID: Your privacy is up for grabs


"Katherine Albrecht, co-author of 'Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Move with RFID', has written an article for Scientific American explaining how we inadvertently consent to lose our privacy and what’s being done about it on a federal level in the US and EU..."

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RMS attacks Oyster's 'unethical' use of GNU systems & Free Software


RMS: «The GNU system (often called "Linux") has been developed, since 1984, for the sake of computer users' freedom. Ironically it is now the basis for a system designed to smother the freedom of the people of London, through online payments to Oyster cards. [...]»

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Another Reason RFID Sucks


"As if massive privacy concerns and identity theft were not enough reasons to worry about the wide spread use of radio frequency identification technology, now comes word that it it may also cause cancer..."

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