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Russian President Medvedev asked to fund Windows clone

A free, open-source Windows "clone" - ReactOS - that has been in development for over a decade has caught the eye of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

A student at a Russian high school the president visited recently gave Mr Medvedev a brief overview of the project - and asked him for 1m euros.

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ReactOS Arwinss to use more Wine code

ReactOS was meant as a free and open-source operating system. But after 11 years in development it never reached a satisfactory level of usability. Due to lack of developers, reimplementing the Win32 subsystem proved to be complex. Given the deficiencies in ReactOS developer Aleksey Bragin decided to rewrite it from scratch using Wine source code.

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New life for dead software

If you yearn for the operating systems or arcade games of the past, and are willing to make the effort to bring them back to life, free and open source software is definitely the way to go. Green screens and might-have beens, operating systems and games, BeOS, Amiga OS or DOS can be relived and replayed through a host of emulators, simulators or rewrites in varying stages of completion.

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ReactOS Targets Windows 2003, Vista

The ReactOS team has just put out its latest newsletter, and it contains some interesting information on the progress being made. However, it also provides some definitive insight into what, exactly, the project is trying to recreate - a topic of some confusion.

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ReactOS - Open Source Windows

Now here is a wacky idea! Would that not make Bill Gates have sleepless nights, even though he no longer runs Microsoft. One such company and a set of brilliant entrepreneurs are doing just that at ReactOS.

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ReactOS – the open-source Windows 2000/XP alternative?

The idea of an open-source operating system that is designed to be 100% compatible with Windows XP and Windows 2000 is something new and has the potential to straddle the divide between consumer friendly and open-source. And that’s what ReactOS is aiming to do.

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ReactOS 0.3.3 Released!

As we have previously made you aware, we skipped the 0.3.2 release due to massive problems with old incompatible drivers resulting in blocker bugs we couldn't resolve within the scheduled release time. With these issues now resolved...

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