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Lucid Puppy - Linux for Legacy Computers


One of the original targets of Linux was the under-powered computer gathering dust in the closet destined for electronic disposal. While that sounds like a noble goal, it isn't reality for the majority of today's Linux distributions. Xubuntu says it's for the limited resource computer, but even it has a minimum memory requirement of 256 MB.

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There are plenty of reasons to 'wow' this distro. One is the footprint size. The live CD ISO file is has a size of just 110MB and downloaded in a jiffy. As advertised all over the web, it can be used on older PCs with small .drives and memory.

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Puppy Linux 4.3 gains bugfix, rave reviews


The Puppy Linux project has released a 4.3.1 bugfix upgrade for last month's major 4.3 release of the popular, lightweight GNU/Linux distro. Puppy Linux 4.3, which has been rebuilt with a new "Woof" build system and PPM package manager, has received a number of positive reviews.

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Puppy Linux 4.3 (step by step installation with screenshots)


I was looking for a small distribution to install on my old laptop for a while now. It’s a 7 year old pc, at 1.2GHz with 256mb RAM.

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Puppy Linux 4.2 Quick Review


We reviewed the June 2009 release v.4.2 of Puppy Linux, which comes in a 110 MB file download from their website, or from accepted mirrors. The iso file is then burnt to CD and runs as a Live CD.

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Puppy Linux 4.00 is barking up the right tree


With the recent release of Puppy Linux 4.00, developer Barry Kauler and his team have provided a lightweight but functional Linux operating system. To help reduce size and include more functionality over the previous binary-package-based Puppy 3.01, Puppy 4.00 has been compiled from a Slackware 12-based source.

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Bootcamp 501: Put a Puppy in your PC


It is every computer owner's worst nightmare. You switch on your PC and Windows stubbornly refuses to start. Inevitably it happens on the day that you have complete and send off a vitally important job, and there's no one on hand to fix it, so what do you do?

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This puppy rocks!


Fast, small, lightweight—and still a full-featured GNU/Linux: Puppy Linux combines a complete set of applications with great flexibility, yet it requires minimal hardware. This article introduces this increasingly popular GNU/Linux distribution.

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