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Installing Subversion & Enabling Access Via Different Protocols (Debian Squeeze)

Subversion (svn) is an open-source version control system (VCS), used in the development of many software projects. This tutorial shows how to install Subversion on Debian Squeeze and how to configure it to allow access to a repository through different protocols: file://, http://, https://, svn://, and svn+ssh://.

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The Diaspora that wasn’t, and the way into the walled gardens.

We need to build communities and software around open protocols. We need to make it so that social networking is a protocol, much like e-mail is a protocol. [...] We need to create critical mass around open standards and protocols.

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Skype shutdown: where are free software and free protocols?

Free software is definitely going strong in some areas, especially in the server market. However, there are other areas where free software and free protocols have failed. Internet based voice and video communication is one of those areas.

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Microsoft Inter-Nope: MSN No Longer for GNU/Linux Users?

GNU/Linux users mostly unable to access Microsoft's IM protocols

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GitTorrent, The Movie

"The GitTorrent Protocol (GTP) is a protocol for collaborative git repository distribution across the Internet.

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