proprietary vs free software

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Free Software or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Computer

In a world running on software, you have an important choice between having more control over your computer or acceptance of the status quo. It is a choice between contributing to a growing community...

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Why do companies prefer proprietary products to GPL products?

I do understand why companies often prefer BSD and Apache products to the GPL. But what I don't understand is why companies prefer proprietary over GPL.

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Re: A balance of freedoms

This is a response to A balance of freedoms.
"Value your freedom, or you will lose it, teaches history. "Don't bother us with politics," respond those who don't want to learn." - RMS

I think you are confused about how capability, authority and freedom are connected when we refer to freedom. When you accept Skype's "use terms of conditions", you don't gain any freedom. What you do gain is restricted authority to use the capabilities found in the Skype system.

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Vista: Microsoft's biggest failure yet?

"...Contrast this to the development and release model in the GNU/Linux world. Take a popular distro like Ubuntu, for example. Every six months whatever nice improvements have been made in the last half year are packaged up into a new release and made available to the user community.

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Why Freedom Matters

«...That statement packages several questionable assumptions:

1. That the only motive for developing free software is ideological.

2. That innovation in software requires a lot of funding.

3. That the only way to fund software research is through proprietary software.

4. That innovation is more important than freedom.

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Why European Commission misses the point of Free Society: Opera always irrelevant on GNU systems

"Following its investigation of Opera Software ASA’s antitrust complaint, the European Commission confirmed today that it sent Microsoft a Statement of Objections yesterday, accusing it of illegally tying Internet Explorer to the Windows PC operating system..."

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iPhone kill-switch

"Last weekend, Steve Jobs revealed that Apple has built a “kill-switch” into every iPhone to terminate any 'malicious or inappropriate' programs that somehow got through their application screening process.

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Open Source vs. Closed Source Support

With proprietary solutions you often get the collective knowledge of the current and past users of that software or service.

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