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Understanding Signals with Processes

Processes are required to respond to signals sent to them. This is one way a user can communicate with signals and control them.

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Things to Do With 'kill'

... other than what its name implies.

kill is most often used without an argument or with -9, to kill a process off.

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Kill Linux Processes Easier with pkill

One of the best features in Linux is the way you can control processes from the command line, so if you have an application that locks up your GUI, you can always SSH over from another machine and just kill the offending process.

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A beginner’s introduction to the GNU/Linux command line, Part II—Managing processes

Your GNU/Linux computer is an amazing machine. It can display images. It can run programs. It can perform dozens of functions all at the same time. How can you keep track of all this activity? By monitoring the processes that your computer runs, and one of the best ways to monitor and control processes is by using the command line.

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