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Presentation Slides: Threats to Software Freedom

Thanks to those who attended the talk earlier tonight. For anyone who is interested, here are the slides of the talk which lasted about 2 hours. There was also video footage taken, but the quality may be too low. We'll find out soon.

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Video Slide Shows with Impress

I swear, a colleague of mine prided himself on filling every square inch of a slide with just text. It drove me nuts. How about video clips?"

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Transcript of Ciaran O'Riordan's ESP presentation at Libre Planet 2009

"It's nice to actually feel welcome, because, for many years I was like the boogey man at conferences. People would come and present their software and they'd show what new features they'd coded in the last year, and then I'd come along and say soffftwaaaare paaatents. I'd have to tell everyone to be scared."

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Free Linux training materials posted

An embedded Linux training and consulting firm in the South of France has published some 360 pages of free training presentations on embedded Linux topics. The Free Electrons presentations cover topics including Linux changes since 2.6.10, power management, device driver development, and porting Linux to ARM platforms, says the company.

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OpenOffice 3.0 Training Resources Format an Area in Impress

An area in Impress can be an object or a selected region on the page. As an example open a new presentation and then add a 3D square to the page. While the object is highlighted choose Format-Area. When the dialog box opens you will see a lot of options are available, more than for the page format.

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Office shootout: Impress vs. Microsoft PowerPoint, round 2

How does the current version of (OOo) compare with Microsoft Office in its ability to produce slide presentations?

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