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EMACS: The Extensible, Customizable Display Editor - by Richard Stallman, 1981

"EMACS(1) is a real-time display editor which can be extended by the user while it is running. Extensibility means that the user can add new editing commands or change old ones to fit his editing needs, while he is editing. EMACS is written in a modular fashion, composed of many separate and independent functions.

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RMS: « Was Facebook built by the CIA? Links of personnel suggest that it was.

We don't need proof of any specific conspiracy to recognize that peer pressure can lead kids into many sorts of foolish behavior.

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RMS attacks Oyster's 'unethical' use of GNU systems & Free Software

RMS: «The GNU system (often called "Linux") has been developed, since 1984, for the sake of computer users' freedom. Ironically it is now the basis for a system designed to smother the freedom of the people of London, through online payments to Oyster cards. [...]»

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The value of an independent Linux

A thought struck me this morning: would you really want your database/application server/office productivity suite/etc. developer to also be the author of your operating system? On one level, the answer is an easy 'yes': tighter integration between the OS and the applications that run on it is a good thing.

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