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Fedora 16 GPT disk partitioning guide

Anaconda, the Fedora system installer, is probably the best installation program available on any Linux or BSD distribution, and the version that comes with Fedora 16, version 16.25, has a couple of visible enhancements that make it even better. One of those enhancements is support for GPT disk partitions.

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Resizing Linux partitions, Part 1: Basics

If you follow common partitioning advice, chances are your disk uses several partitions. If you set the sizes incorrectly or if your needs change, you may find yourself needing to resize your partitions. To do so, you must familiarize yourself with the requirements for resizing partitions and the tools that can do the job.

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A Quick Guide to Linux Partition Schemes

What partition setup should you use when dual-booting Windows and Linux? Should you have a separate partition for /home? Why do some people put /boot into its own partition? These are the questions that have plagued mankind since the dawn of time (or thereabouts).

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Parting with my partitions part two.

Back to the pizza analogy. Here, in front of you there is a stack of pizzas which have been sliced and cut into rings. If it were just you and you were going for the Guiness book of record in pizza eating then that whole stack of pizza is for you to consume in a legacy of gluttony. Unfortunately you are not alone. How can you divide up the pizza?

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Memo to Ubuntu Devs: Make Separate Home Default would be much simpler if the Ubuntu installer gave /home a dedicated partition automatically.  Here's why.

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Performance Tuning for a Linux Web Server: Parts 1-5

This is a five part series that shows you how to tune your web server for best performance. The series covers partition placement, CPU, I/O, Memory and Network.

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Protect Your Stuff With Encrypted Linux Partitions

"We see the headlines all the time: "Company X Loses 30,000,000 Customer Social Security Numbers and Other Intimately Personal and Financial Data! Haha, Boy Are Our Faces Red!""

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