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Open Document Standards Mandatory in Hungarian Government

Hungary's public administrations will by default use open document standards for their electronic documents, as of April this year, the government ministers agreed on 23 December, and all public organisations are encouraged to move to open source office tools. Hungary's government also in December decided to cancel the funding of proprietary office suite licences for all schools.

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Document Freedom Day 2010 -- Liberate your documents

Today is Document Freedom Day 2010. For the third time, groups all over the world are celebrating open document formats and Open Standards. They are raising awareness for how a technical issue impacts our day-to-day lives.

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ODF Alliance Newsletter: February 2010 (PDF)

ODF Alliance Newsletter for February 2010. Contains latest news regarding open formats, including adoption by various governments around the world.

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The EU Parliament still sticks with Microsoft. Here's why.

The EU made public the study than bought them to stick with Windows and Office rather than Free software. It has been pretty hard to get the EU to release document (pdf).

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Happy Document Freedom Day

Document Freedom Day (DFD) is a global grassroots effort to promote and build awareness of the importance of free document formats in particular and open standards in general. If you have ever received a document from a friend that your software could not open, then you know the frustration of proprietary formats.

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Insight into Venezuela’s Commitment to Open Standards

We have reported extensively about the Venezuelan government’s support of open formats in the area of information technology. But it was only recently that the National Center of IT (CNTI) made it mandatory for the public sector to use open formats (ODT, ODS, ODP, ODG).

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Interview with Richard Hulse of Radio New Zealand, on the decision to offer Ogg Vorbis

When I read that Radio New Zealand had just decided to start adding Ogg Vorbis files to their online offerings, I was curious. How do folks make such decisions? I surely wish everyone would do what Radio New Zealand has just done.

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Espousal of ODF by the Department of IT GoNCT Delhi

a case study done by Prof. Rajanish Dass of IIM A on the
Espousal of ODF by the Dept. of IT, Delhi. It talks about the decision of DoIT to move to OpenOffice from a popular proprietory software and its implications.

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Open Formats Enter the Presidential Debate

Those of us who live in America are currently in the midst of that most protracted, expensive and (often) tedious of all democratic processes: the quadrennial quest to find, and perhaps even elect, the most able leader to guide the nation into the future. Part and parcel to that spectacle is a seemingly endless torrent of printed words and video.

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