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After TAL's great episode on software patents, petition them to help out by using Ogg Vorbis!


This American Life's recent episode "When Patents Attack!" brought much new awareness to the problems that software patents and patent trolls create. So it's ironic that the show is only available in the patent-encumbered MP3 format. Sign the petition asking them to help be part of the solution by using Ogg Vorbis!

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Interview with Richard Hulse of Radio New Zealand, on the decision to offer Ogg Vorbis


When I read that Radio New Zealand had just decided to start adding Ogg Vorbis files to their online offerings, I was curious. How do folks make such decisions? I surely wish everyone would do what Radio New Zealand has just done.

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NPR station WBUR Boston adds support for free audio standard


"BOSTON, Massachusetts, USA -- May 14, 2008 -- The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has marked a milestone in their PlayOgg.org campaign with the announcement that National Public Radio (NPR) news station WBUR Boston has begun worldwide webcasting in the free audio format Ogg Vorbis..."

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[FSF] Free Software Supporter - Issue 3, May 2008


## In this issue
* Free Software Supporter exclusive: WBUR is streaming Ogg Vorbis!
* DBD Action Alert - Libraries: Eliminate DRM!
* Get DeltaH, gNewSense 2.0
* Get your next machine with gNewSense
* Silicon Mechanics to ship servers with free BIOS preinstalled
* Can we rescue OLPC from Windows? by Richard M. Stallman
* End Software Patents: the Bilski hearing, heard.

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Summer of Code: Ogg Theora Port


"...As some of you Neuros old timers may recall, we were the first to port the Ogg Vorbis audio codec to a portable HDD audio player. Now it's time, hopefully, to do the same with the Ogg Theora video codec..."

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HTML5 Working Group Rejects Open Media Formats


HTML5 spec is expected to introduce new audio and video capabilities into the HTML language. However, it seems that Nokia and Apple have succeeded in removing Ogg Vorbis and Theora support from the current draft which decision has caused lots of heated political discussion. Some critics claim that the decision is mostly based on reluctance to back a standard that has no provision for including DRM, while others have mentioned potential patent uncertainties as the main reason not to back Ogg Vorbis and Theora.

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What the hell is Ogg Vorbis, and why should I use it?


"Ogg Vorbis is a new audio compression format. It is roughly comparable to other formats used to store and play digital music, such as MP3, VQF, AAC, and other digital audio formats. It is different from these other formats because it is completely free, open, and unpatented."

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Should We Fight for Ogg Vorbis?


One thing I should state immediately is that I think that Ogg Vorbis is great: it's cool technology doing all the right things in the right way. So my doubts about this campaign have nothing to do with any weaknesses in Ogg. It's just that I wonder whether this is really something the free software world should be expending much energy on when there are other more pressing problems.

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