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Has the NSA "poisoned the well" for responsible disclosure?


Revelations about the PRISM project involve US tech companies that have been compelled to provide special assistance to US intelligence agencies. Will secret arrangements between tech companies and US intelligence affect how independent security researchers disclose vulnerabilities?

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EFF Sues The Gov't, Demands Proof of Need For Communication Backdoors


So the EFF made a simple request: prove it... However, the US government apparently ignored the request, leading the EFF to sue the government over its failure to respond to the request.

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NSA helps Apple, Sun and Red Hat harden their systems


That the American National Security Agency has previously helped Microsoft harden various Windows versions is old hat, but what is news is that the NSA now also assists Apple, Sun and Red Hat with increasing the security of their operating systems.

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NSA Guides for Securing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5


These are some decent guides for securing your Red Hat Linux 5 system provided by the US Government’s NSA. Enjoy

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Open Source for Sovereignty


It's not just European government that's opting for open source. Today the NSA (the super-secret spy agency in the US) have announced they are joining in with OpenSolaris. Barton has an interview that explores this more. I think we'll see more and more government engagement as the adoption-led market takes hold.

Using Free software from open source communities makes perfect sense for governments, and not just for the obvious reasons of up-front savings on license fees.

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House passes Restore Act with no telecom immunity provision


The House of Representatives has passed the Restore Act, which facilitates broad surveillance of foreign terror groups while restoring the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court's oversight of communications between foreign and domestic surveillance targets.

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