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Linux File Linking Explained: Hard vs. Soft Links

In Linux, there are two types of file links: hardlinks and softlinks. This article shows the difference between hard and soft links, how they work, and explains when you should pick a softlink over a hardlink.

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How To Obtain Linux

Linux can run on nearly any electronic device including set-top boxes, cellphones, and even gas pumps; but in this article we are going to concentrate on the most classic of environments that receives the majority of attention....personal computers.

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What about KUI -- Keyword User Interface?

I wanted to share this idea for a long time. Upon reading "Linux guru: interface innovation is the challenge" from linuxtoday, I realize that I can postpone no longer. My suggestion is simple: give users a simple entry box much like a google search box with cues (or possible keyword completions that get automatically displayed, if you are command-line-interface oriented like me).

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Choosing A Top Distro

This 13 page course features reviews and comparisons of 11 top Linux distributions examining history, category, desktop, help resources, my opinions and more for each distro. Written from a windows user perspective, this course brings Linux newbies a comparison of top Linux distributions and likely choices through numerous basic desktop videos, reviews, and a final knowledge test.

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Clean Unnecessary / Temporarily Files in Ubuntu

#1 Getting rid of Residual Config packages

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Linux : the cool factor part 2

Linux the cool factor

As I wrote in my last post, I think Linux is not perceived as cool by enough people.
While Linux is definitely very cool!

Last time I mentioned compiz, which gave very different responses. Some people think it's great others hate it. Today I'll throw in something completely different.

Next thing

The next thing that I think makes Linux cool, is the command line!

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