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Fedora 13 Spotlight Feature: NetworkManager Gets Even More Connected

As with previous Fedora releases, we'll once again be highlighting some of the new and improved features in a series of blogs leading up to our latest release, Fedora 13, anticipated in mid-May. First up on our list is NetworkManager.

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NetworkManager vs wicd vs wpa_gui

Here's a quick comparison between a few network control tools for Linux. These tools all give you some sort of network control from the Desktop - a service traditionally provided by daemons and initialization scripts.

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Using Zenoss infrastructure monitoring software in your data center

Open source software and widespread instrumentation have lowered the costs of producing IT management software. Open source systems management companies are using the free nature of an open source product, coupled with the cheap distribution the Web enables, to boot-strap their businesses.

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NetworkManager: Secret weapon for the Linux road warrior

For years I have envied how easy my Windows- and Mac-based peers had it when traveling with their laptops. They connect to hotspots with ease, get online while I was still logging into root and running some tools. It just wasn’t fair. I wanted an integrated easy-to-use tool that did not require bringing up a shell or logging into root.

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Spiceworks adds troubleshooting to its free net mgmt. tool - LinuxWorld

Spiceworks next week is set to make available an enhanced version of its free network management software which now includes remote-access capabilities, enhanced antivirus support and an IT management dashboard designed to showcase data relevant to troubleshooting.

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