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More than an open handset OS

The headlines have been about Google and its open source handset. But it's about much more than that.

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Free Software that helps you take control of your mobile phone

Imagine coming home from work and instead of plugging your phone to a wall where it will just dully wait to be recharged, plug it to your computer via USB and make a few phone calls, send a few SMS messages or tidy up your phone book all by using your computer keyboard and mouse, rather than that tiny phone keypad!

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Ballmer: Microsoft will power the mobile revolution

Steve Ballmer believes that Microsoft is the only company with "the wherewithal" to dominate the world of mobile computing.

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Googlephone could be powered by Linux and free of charge

Could the Googlephone, in a move which would perfectly match it being Linux powered, be the first totally free cellphone?

By combining Google applications and services with the advertising revenue on a Google specific handset, there is even the rather intriguing prospect of not having to pay a few hundred bucks for the hardware and a monthly fee to use it.

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Intel launches mobile Linux initiative

Intel has unveiled an ambitious project aimed at developing open source software for mobile devices. The Moblin project comprises a Linux kernel, UI framework, browser, multimedia framework, and embedded Linux image creation tools, along with developer resources such as documentation, mailing lists, and an IRC channel.

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