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Users should Value Freedom 1


I am writing a series of posts that address various myths and misconceptions about free software. In this first post, I address the misconception that users have no need for freedom 1 as they lack the capability to practise this freedom.

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VIA's Open Source Notebook


If you've been scanning the news today, you might be under the impression that VIA Technologies had released an open-source notebook design. The OpenNote mini-note reference design has gotten a a sudden burst of press attention, but most of the stories don't seem to understand what's really open about this design.

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Grokking open source


"Grok" is a word that you may not know, but it has been in use since the 1960's. It is commonly taken to mean "understand" but it is so much more than that. Do you grok open source? The word is the key to understanding why talented developers give of their time.

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Five Common Misconceptions About Linux


Having used Linux solely for nearly four years now, I've gained a respect for what Linux can and can't do. By no means is it the perfect solution for every problem, but there are some misconceptions heard again and again that I plan to set straight.

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