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DOD open-source memo could change software landscape

The Defense Department's guidance on the military use of open-source software has been a long time in coming, and should ease the widespread concerns in the military about open source-use.

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Photos From The Golden Age Of Computing

Remember when things weren't so darned complicated? ;)

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Navy to focus only on open systems

The Navy will acquire only systems based on open technologies and standards.

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Convincing the Military to Embrace Open Source

One common misconception about open source software is that it can be changed by anyone and is less secure; however, most open source is strictly governed. For example, the Apache Software Foundation has tight configuration management controls for developers. Its products are so good that most major software vendors include some Apache software in their products including Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Sun.

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Order out of chaos: Airforce base swithces to Red Hat

Over the course of 11 months the base switched from using HP Superdome and Sun servers and a Windows environment which Babb (chief information technology systems architect) described as “unstable” to “the only vendor out there that had gone through National Security Agency security" which was Red Hat.

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High-speed military networking device runs Linux

A U.K.-based embedded software consultancy says it recently implemented a Linux driver and other software for a marine-based military application involving high-speed, fiber-optic networking.

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Navy CIO 'recognizes the importance of OSS to the warfighter'

The United States Department of the Navy has adopted a new policy which requires that open source software must be considered in every software acquisition the Navy makes.

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