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Direct3D 10 and 11 Is Now Natively Implemented On Linux

Luca Barbieri made a rather significant commit today that adds a state tracker dubbed "d3d1x", which implements the Direct3D 10/11 COM API in Gallium3D. Luca says this is just the initial version, but its already working and can run a few DirectX 10/11 texturing demos on Linux at the moment.

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Mesa Makes More Strides Towards OpenGL 3.x Support

While the 3.0 revision to this industry standard graphics API has been around for nearly three years, it's still not fully supported by the open-source Mesa graphics stack. Progress though is being made.

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Mesa 7.5 Finally Released w/ New Features

After being in development for a number of months and being challenged by a few delays, Mesa 7.5 was officially released last night. What's most significant about this milestone is that it's the first release to include the Gallium3D architecture.

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[FSF] Thank you SGI, for freeing the GNU/Linux 3D desktop!

The GNU/Linux 3D desktop is now free! Finally, direct rendering support! :)

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Mesa 7.0, OpenGL 2.0/2.1 Support

Last Friday Mesa 7.0 had entered the world. While a number of bugs have been corrected since Mesa 6.5.3, what is most interesting with this release is the support for the OpenGL 2.0 / 2.1 API. We've been waiting on this support so that the open-source drivers can take advantage of it and it's now finally available.

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