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GPT disk partitioning guide for Chakra 2011.4


GPT is an alternate disk partition table scheme that solves two issues associated with the MBR partition table scheme. It allows the configuration of more than four primary partitions, the maximum supported by MBR, and it also supports disk partitions of more than 2 TB.

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Save and restore MBR in Linux | Howto


The MBR or Master Boot Record is an area at the beginning of your hard drive. It is very important because it contains the partition table. There are also routine boot whose goal is to load the operating system.

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How to restore Grub boot loader after installing Windows


This tutorial will explain how to restore Grub after installing Windows 7/Vista/Xp.If you are using dual boot PC with windows,Ubuntu for some reason you reinstall your windows now you may not see your grub 2 is loading because your windows installation might have been over written MBR (Master boot record).

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Microsoft Still Sabotages Linux MBRs in Vista 7


Vista 7 disables GNU/Linux by rewriting the MBR .

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Tips and Tricks collection


In this article:
* How to create a GNU/Linux live USB stick with SLAX
* How to use Quake-style terminals on GNU/Linux
* How to take screenshots with Scrot
* How to back up your Master Boot Record (MBR)

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