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Linux Netbooks: 3 paths to a bright future

Last week I made a summary of the current state of the Linux netbook market. Today I will show you that Linux netbooks are at a crossroad. They can reach a bright future and a significant market presence through 3 different paths: the smartbook path, the cheap path and the power path. I will explain how each path will lead the Linux netbook to market dominance in a specific niche.

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400 Million Firefox downloads mean nothing

So Mozilla has hit the 400 million downloads magic number, well whoopy doo, so what? The important thing is market share, and I don't see Mozilla jumping up and down yelling 'we have 8 percent, we have 8 percent' in fact in the posting they quote the Europe only figure of 28 percent which looks a lot better.

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Linux Boom Ahead?

The SCO Group frightened potential business users away from Linux with lawsuits demanding billions in royalties.

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Free software wars re-ignite

The world of corporate computing seems to be preparing for a paradigm shift. Free and open source software movement claims to be making fresh inroads into corporates. Microsoft has also upped its ante, claiming lower cost of ownership and the patents open source software violates.

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