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Nokia and open source - A trial by fire

At the same time "both Nokia and Intel were working on separate handset UIs using Qt, the former proprietary, the latter open-source. A better worked example of squandering your leadership role and wrestling yourself to the ground is hard to see."

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KDE PIM on Mobile – What’s going on?

KDE PIM developers are working hard to get a personal information management stack based on KDE and Akonadi onto Maemo/MeeGo devices with the benefits and features that Kontact and the rest of KDE PIM brings desktop users today in stable versions of KDE PIM.

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Qt adds multi-touch, supports Maemo and Symbian

Nokia's QT Software has upgraded its "Qt" cross-platform application and UI framework, now featuring multi-touch and gesture support.

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And Now for Something Completely Different – The N900 and its Killer Feature

I won't go into every detail and feature because those have been covered ad nauseum already, including the fact that it has by far the best web browser(s) and the best multi-tasking experience of any comparable device out there right now.

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Nokia’s Maemo OS – The next big wave

Trends in computers come in waves. Developers are like surfers on the shore spying out the horizon looking out for the next big one. Today I write about a wave that is just now starting to take shape, looks almost innocuous, but that has the potential to be a great ride as well – Nokia’s Maemo operating system.

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Linux-based phones : Why are GNU/Linux users treated as second class?

Like many free software users, I am greatly encouraged by the number of mobile phones that are starting to come out running some form of embedded Linux-based OS. Nokia's Maemo and Palm's webOS are shaping up and it seems every day we hear of yet another Android device. All of this is good news, but just how useful are these free software phones to the free software lover?

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Maemo to Use ODF, Kazakhstan May be Moving to ODF — Source

Mass-migration to in Kazakhstan may imply adoption of the international standard; Nokia makes use of KOffice, which also implies wide use of ODF

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Intel and Nokia join forces for open source

Nokia and Intel have announced a new strategic partnership for mobile development. This is big news for open source, since both Intel and Nokia rely on Linux (and open source) for their respective mobile platforms.

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Carlos Guerreiro and Richard Stallman at the Free Software Master

"As part of the academic activities at the master on free software that we organize together with URJC and Caixanova, which this year is taking place in the city of Vigo, we try to invite every year key members of the community, so that they can transmit their motivations, knowledge and experience face to face to the students..."

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Maemo & Openmoko Community Survey results

"I got an e-mail this morning publishing the results of a Maemo and Openmoko community survey I had answered with 1232 others some months ago. The survey was run by ETH, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich. Here are some notes I made." (C) Article's author

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