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5 Things Linux Does Better Than Mac OS X

On security, customization, hardware, reliability, and price, Linux blows Apples contender out of the water. Not to mention respecting the basic users' freedoms to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.

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5 Things I Miss From Linux When Using OSX

I have been a Linux user for over 10 years… until now. Recently I purchased a MacBook Pro. In the course of using it, I’ve come across a number of features of Linux and the KDE desktop that I greatly miss.

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Linux makes gains as Windows and Mac OS slip

Data by web metrics firm Net Applications shows that while both Windows and Mac OS lost usage share in May, Linux made a small gain.

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"I love" Google search results… OS X trails Linux

I love Suse - 412,000
I love Fedora - 1,180,000
I love Uubntu -
I love OS X -

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What's Your Main Operating System

Lifehacker is running a poll asking for the operating system you use. I just voted and Linux was at 14% vs. 13% for WinXP. Go on over to Lifehacker and let them know how great Linux is.

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Mac OS X mistakes and malfeatures - by Richard M. Stallman

"...Mac OS is proprietary software, so the users don't have control over it -- rather, the developer has sole control over the program, and employs it as an instrument of control over the users. So I don't withdraw my condemnation of Mac OS. But I do withdraw the claim that it has a known backdoor."

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Good Son, Bad Son

"A couple of weeks ago, my mom got a bee in her bonnet about no longer being able to connect to her favorite web sites, due to the age of her browser and operating system."

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Is no one safe?!

Are Linux and Mac OS X becoming too popular for their own good?

Security company Symantec said Monday that a new worm is attacking the operating systems, along with Microsoft’s Windows, in what may be the first time this sort of malicious software has been designed to target all three OSes.

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