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Consumers Don't Own Computers "Designed for Windows 8", and They Go to Landfills Earlier

What you should be aware of and concerned about as a consumer is those machines labeled as "Designed for Windows 8". Much more so if you care about the environmental and humanitarian problems caused by e-wastes, for these machines do end up much earlier as e-wastes than the ordinary machines manufactured now.

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moonOS 3.0 Review, Screenshots, Video

moonOS 3.0 is based on Ubuntu 9.04 and uses the Enlightenment window manager. The moonOS 3.0 release includes many improvements making this distro even faster and easier to use than previous versions. Take a look at some things moonOS can do out of the box with this quick review, screenshot gallery, and moonOS overview video.

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PCLinuxOS 2009.2 Review

PCLinuxOS is a fork of Mandriva and opened up in 2007 with a lot of potential because of its easier installation process and best preserved features of the original OS

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Announcing BrDesktop for the Brazilian home desktop user

BrDesktop is a selection of *official* Debian GNU/Linux packages. A Pure Blend, pre-configured and targeted for Brazilian Debian GNU/Linux home desktop users.

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Inquisitor 3.0 released

Inquisitor is a mature hardware diagnostics, stress testing, certification and monitoring platform, running on GNU/Linux. It's
suitable for both enterprise and home use, customizable, modular and
available in standalone version, server-controlled network boot production system and serverless Live CD format.

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