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New laptop

In my post last week, Time For A Linux Laptop, I discussed how my options were rather slim when it came to combining Linux, good processing power, and machines on the smaller end of the laptop scale.

Well, despite my lack of options, I’ve made a purchase, and it’s arriving today.

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Venezuela to Provide Children with 50,000 Mini Laptops

This week the Venezuelan Education Ministry began its program, dubbed Project Canaima, to provide primary schools with mini laptops, and incorporate the technology into the education system.

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Linux Laptops Bestsellers in Germany

LinuxTECH.NET: "At the time of writing there are two Laptops with pre-installed Linux in the top ten bestsellers, both in front of the first bestselling Apple Laptop."

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Linux laptop retailers fearlessly face name-brand competition

Linux Certified sells Linux laptops and offers IT training to individuals and organizations. Its product line ranges from small, affordable units to performance laptops that cost well over $2,000. The company's customer list boasts the likes of Boeing, NASA, the US Army and MIT.

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Notebooks. With Linux. Pre-installed.

Tomorrow morning, I'm giving a talk/tutorial at the IT360 Conference in Toronto. The subject is getting a Linux notebook (or laptop, if you prefer) to do it all

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