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Torvalds: GNOME over as Linux creator switches to Xfce

Torvalds describes this as "the kind of 'head up the arse' behavior of gnome3" and says he has switched: "I'm using Xfce. I think it's a step down from gnome2, but it's a huge step up from gnome3. Really."

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Linus Torvalds – One of the Greatest Men Alive?

Being 39 years of age, Linus Torvalds was born on the 28th of December 1969 in Helsinki, Finland. Though the fact that he graduated the Helsinki University with a Master's degree in computer science may not seem very interesting, you should know that the University's decision to hold a UNIX course during his years there was one of the things that led to the creation of Linux.

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Don't fork Linux because of Linus

I recently read a blog entry on that urged the Linux community to fork the kernel into desktop and server versions because, according to the author, all Linus Torvalds cares about is big iron. Sorry, but that's both wrong and stupid.

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Schwartz to Torvalds: Dinner at my place?

A day after Linux creator Linus Torvalds publicly questioned the authenticity of Sun's interest in serving the open-source community, Sun CEO and President Jonathan Schwartz invited Torvalds for a sit-down over dinner to discuss how Sun and the overseers of the Linux kernel can join forces.

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Tech Talk: Linus Torvalds on git

Linus Torvalds visits Google to share his thoughts on git, the source control management system he created two years ago.

He slams CVS and Subversion really badly -- maybe a little too badly?

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