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City of Munich: "Migration to sustainable desktop completed successfully"

Munich is now using a unified desktop system, Limux, its own distribution based on Ubuntu GNU/Linux on 14,000 of its total 15,000 desktops, spread over 51 offices across the city. That is 2,000 more than it's intended goal of using Limux on 80 % of its desktops.

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Munich administration switches to OpenDocument Format

The LiMux project, which oversees Linux migration in Munich, the capital of Bavaria, has reached another milestone. According to a 2009 development review that the deputy project leader Florian Schießl has posted on his blog, open source OpenDocument Format (ODF) is now the main document exchange standard.

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DE: Rate of government adoption of their software surprises Mozilla

Representatives of the open source Mozilla project where pleasantly surprised this week, discovering that the city of Munich is making far more use of their software.

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LiMux: Where the Munich Linux (R)evolution is today

When the third largest city in Germany rebuffed Microsoft, even people in the US were talking about it. While the software revolution has quieted down, the change goes ahead with zeal.

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Munich Makes Good

Remember Munich, and its city council's 2003 decision to rip out Microsoft Windows and Office, and to replace them with free software? It was a seminal moment for open source, when Microsoft brought its heaviest guns to bear – in the shape of Steve Ballmer, no less, who made the city an offer it couldn't refuse – and failed

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