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Will Patent Battles End Free Linux?

Is the open-source community stealing ideas from commercial vendors? IP Innovations seems to think so; the patent-holding company recently filed a lawsuit for patent infringement against Linux distributors Red Hat and Novell, claiming that Linux uses ideas originally developed at the Xerox PARC laboratory.

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Lawyers: Even Microsoft Confused Over Vista Marketing

A Microsoft product manager couldn't correctly explain the "Vista Capable" marketing slogan, according to recent filings in a lawsuit that claims the company misled consumers with a prerelease Vista campaign last year.

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In Defense of The GPL

The GPL is the most widely used open source license on Earth, yet it has never been tested in a U.S. courtroom.

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100th Post: A Call for the Senate to Pass Patent Reform

If you're getting sued for patent infringement, you have a right to know who is really behind the lawsuit, and so does the public. So I started digging up publicly available information. What I found amazed me - so many patent plaintiffs, especially in the Eastern District of Texas, make no products, and just try to extract money out of their IP.

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Apple sued for iPhone's anti-hack update

Customers angry at Apple for breaking their hacked iPhones with the company's latest update now have a class-action lawsuit to call their own.

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