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Elementary Modification of the KDESC 4.4 Default Login (KDM & KSplash)


How to achieve a more unified login experience using KDE SC by modifying the KDM Login Screen and the KSplash screen to match your needs.

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Switch Between KDM and GDM on Ubuntu


If u have installed Ubuntu over an kubuntu or vice versa , u may switch over gdm to kdm or kdm to gdm .This can be done in simple steps .

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12 Awesome KDM Themes For Your Linux


KDM (KDE Display Manager) is the K Desktop Environment replacement for XDM, the X Display Manager. KDM allows users to pick their session type on a per-login basis using different themes and user photos.

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Allow root access to the graphical mode in Ubuntu


Sometimes, in the graphical mode, we want to have full access to our system without using sudo or su.To enter the graphics mode in Ubuntu as root, you must do the following

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Getting the login right: moving from xdm to gdm or kdm


For years now, I have been clinging to xdm as my display manager; years ago, I spent several days tweaking the configuration files of xbanner and xdm to get it to look “just so”, and I didn’t want to change it. But no more! After my last upgrade predictably broke my xdm and xbanner configuration, I decided to spend a little time trying to get each display manager to look “right” with my original login screen design. Pleasantly, both gdm and kdm are much easier to customize, and I had something tolerable with each in less than an hour. I found that kdm was more flexible and gave me much closer to what I was looking for, while gdm was quite obstinate about appearances, though it may be slightly more capable technically.

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