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FSFE Interview with Anna Morris on Free Software ecommerce


Anna Morris is co-founder of FLOSSIE conference for women in Free Software, Manchester Fellowship Group Deputy Coordinator, and Co-Director of ethical-pets.co.uk. She is currently writing a book on video editing with Free Software, and volunteering with Document Freedom Day 2013 in her spare time.

She talks about running her e-commerce company with Free Software tools.

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Making Movies in Linux with Kdenlive, part 2


In part one we made a basic movie with kdenlive. Pretty easy! But we can make a better movie by adding some effects, so Akkana Peck shows us how to add transitions between scenes, music and titles

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Making Movies on Linux with Kdenlive


I've been avoiding video editing for years. I've seen a couple of tutorials that always made it look too complicated. But recently, at a model airplane fun fly, I shot a lot of short video clips with my digital camera. I needed a way to combine the good parts into a video I could put on the web.

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Video editing in Linux: a look at PiTiVi and Kdenlive


While Linux still lacks a direct competitor to tools like Apple's iMovie or Final Cut Pro, the current crop of video editing tools are much more capable and easy-to-use. Two tools in particular stand out: PiTiVi and Kdenlive.

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For the last screencasts I had to do, I needed some tool were it's easy to cut little pieces of various short movie files and that could have let me to reassemble them together, maybe with some simple not too heavy transition effects.

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Two Linux video editors to watch


One of the reasons I haven't done almost any video editing is due to the relative lack of "mature" software for the job in Linux/Unix.

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Video Editing in Linux: Kino v Open Movie v KdenLive


I have yet to see a decent article on using video with Linux, so I thought I would write one. I’ve been working with video and posting my clips on YouTube using Windows Movie Maker 2. It is an adequate program, but I’d like to find something that could be as good or better in Linux. Could I pull it off? Follow along and see…

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