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ZDNet’s “Open Source” Blog Still Hostile Towards Freedom (the “F” in FOSS)

New criticisms of ZDNet bias and hypocrisy based on the past few days

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Hackers wanted! Scholarships available to coders who'll come to journalism and help save democracy

"...Journalism needs great hackers. Not just nerds, but programmers who care -- about the values of journalism and the power of a free press to hold government accountable. Luckily, hackers are a freedom-minded bunch. The free software movement is rooted in many of the same principals that guide journalism.

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Eyes Wide :Open: Source Media

You have just spent months working on your latest animated short. Hours and hours of work bent over a computer, pouring out your technical and creative heart, and finally it is finished. It is ready for distribution. Your next step is to put the animation on your website for people to download for free.

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