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Games free as in freedom

Looking for 3rd party info on free software games? You probably won't find too much on Wikipedia because the games are still deemed unimportant. Don't despair, that's why there is Libregamewiki! Get your game on!

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UK Adopts Open Government License for everything: Why it’s good and what it means

In almost every aspect the license, the UK government will manage its “intellectual property” by setting the default to be open and free.

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MediaInfo: Get extended information about media files

MediaInfo supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file.
What information can I get from MediaInfo?
What format (container) does MediaInfo support?
What can I do with it?

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Dispelling Myths Around ODF

Recent articles, reports and documents show that there are still a lot of misperceptions regarding ODF in the market. Apparently, many people are still not well informed about ODF even though they choose to write about ODF. Therefore, I thought it can't hurt trying to dispel a couple of myths around ODF.

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A Quest to Get More Court Rulings Online, and Free

The domination of two legal research services over the publication of federal and state court decisions is being challenged by an Internet gadfly who has embarked on an ambitious project to make more than 10 million pages of case law available free online.

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