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When Windows 7 ships without IE8 will it be good news for free software browsers?

A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced that Windows 7 would not ship with Internet Explorer 8 within the European Union. This is to comply with EU demands following the anti-trust case some time back. On the immediate face of this seem like good news for users of other browsers - but is it?

How much will actually change?

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Created by yantramosi 8 years 44 weeks ago – Made popular 8 years 43 weeks ago
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"Get the facts" on browsers

When I was heading to download IE8 to test its JS performance, I saw this link about "Getting the facts" on web browsers. Having the knowledge of what "Get the facts" meant back in time when that was devoted to trying to put GNU/Linux in bad light against Windows-et-all, I just couldn't help myself and went in there to see what was showing up.

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Created by eantoranz 9 years 7 weeks ago – Made popular 9 years 6 weeks ago
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Vista FUD?

Seeking out and responding to FUD is not about slinging mud in the other direction. It’s about correcting lies, rumors and bad press. For me, it’s about providing an alternative view on things. I just happen to be passionate about Linux in particular, based on my own conversion.

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Created by Leonivek 9 years 37 weeks ago – Made popular 9 years 36 weeks ago
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IE8: The Bad

There are quite a few good things about the Microsoft release, such as showing that HTML5 is looked at, Acid2 is (almost) being passed, and CSS support is improving, but there are quite a few evil things as well

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Created by peacemaker 10 years 9 weeks ago – Made popular 10 years 9 weeks ago
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Microsoft’s IE8 vaporware passing Acid2 gets cheered in corporate media

"...All Microsoft did was produce a screenshot ostensibly demonstrating MSIE8 passing Acid2. They distributed no code for people to verify this alleged standards compliance for themselves, not even proprietary code. To me this represents a significant low in how many people are willing to give credit for something they can’t verify, something typically called vaporware..."

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Created by can.axis 10 years 20 weeks ago – Made popular 10 years 20 weeks ago
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Blogger presses Gates for IE8 answers

Developers chastise Microsoft for not keeping browser upgrade promises, for not supporting crucial Web standards, and for not keeping them in the loop

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Created by extra 10 years 22 weeks ago – Made popular 10 years 22 weeks ago
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