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Dynamic wallpaper changing in icewm with feh and a script

So you use icewm and you do not want 1 wallpaper, but you want to have more? And you want them to auto switch after like, a hour, 2 hour or even a day? Then use feh, and my script. Start with installing feh...

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Choosing the Right Desktop Environment (or Window Manager)

If you’re in a dilemma, just use this post which quickly describes some of the most popular (though not all) desktop environments and window managers. The desktop environments and WMs listed here can easily be downloaded from your distribution’s respective package management system (type “apt-get fluxbox” in your terminal to get fluxbox with apt, for instance).

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Choosing a Desktop for GNU/Linux

Unlike Windows or OS X, where the desktop and the window manager -- the program that controls how programs open -- are fixed, in GNU/Linux, you have dozens of choices for a graphical interface, each one with its own look, tradition, and utilities.

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