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Why Penguin is Linux logo?


Penguin as logo/mascot for Linux was discussed first in early 1996 by several people in the linux-kernel mailing list. The idea of such mascot came from Alan Cox first. Among many other suggestions made by different people there were parodies of other operating system logos, sharks or even eagles.

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Did you ever wonder...?


If software companies had had more faith in copyright in the early days, would GNU or Linux ever have happened?
Here's the basis for the speculation:

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Weekly tip: how to get the best out of the history command in GNU/Linux


Anybody who has used the command line extensively to navigate, understand and configure GNU/Linux will know that in the course of a few months’ work it is possible to build up an extensive history of used commands. This necessitates some pro-active management to get the best out of it. Here are some tips to make the most of the history command.

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Free Software as Part of the Anarchist Toolkit


An exploration of the connections between free software, anarchism, and participatory culture. The authors suggests that free software is both a form of sharing and a coopting of the means of production. He sees it as an example of voluntary sharing and contrary to usual capitalist principles, and hopes it will lead to greater cooperation in other spheres.

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Roads to the GPL


""They give back all extensions they made so as to help EMACS improve. I called this arrangement 'the EMACS commune'""

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