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Richard Stallman: High School Misfit, Symbol of Free Software, MacArthur-Certified Genius, BY MICHAEL GROSS, Interviewed in 1999


"Richard Stallman was reading computer books before he'd ever seen a computer. When the Sixties Revolution was running out of steam, he was liberating MIT computers from behind locked doors and helping set off the next great Boomer movement. Though he disdained hippies and radicals in his youth, today, as the leader of the Free Software Movement, he's a long-haired rebel coder-writer with a cause, and an idealistic thorn in the side of the cyber world's killer-app capitalists..."

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RMS: My Lisp Experiences and the Development of GNU Emacs


"Transcript of Richard Stallman's Speech, 28 Oct 2002, at the International Lisp Conference"

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Don't complain. Do something useful instead.


"The most important thing the hacker community does is write better code. Our deeds are the best propaganda we have. Most of us, most of the time, shouldn't be distracted by worrying about beating Microsoft's PR or countering their political moves, because writing good code is in the long run a far more potent weapon than flackery."
-Eric S. Raymond

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Researchers Warn of Ajax Attacks


Companies that have used Asynchronous JavaScript and XML to jazz up corporate Web sites may be dangerously vulnerable to a variety of Web-based threats, warned researchers at the Black Hat USA conference in Las Vegas this month. Billy Hoffman of SPI Dynamics said at the conference that many corporate Web developers are not paying attention to fundamental Ajax security issues.

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DRM Scorecard: Hackers Batting 1000, Industry Zero


I put together a scorecard, which shows that every single significant attempt at consumer-music DRM has been cracked. Here it is:

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