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New improved workflow in Akregator?

Akregator—the KDE feed reader—may see an improved interface; focusing on the user's workflow in an upcomng version. Lead develoer Frank Osterfeld is posetive to the suggested changes. Follow the discussion in the Akregator email list.

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'Vixta' Linux distro mimics Vista's look and feel

I don't know if Linus Torvalds has nightmares about Linux turning into Windows but some people definitely do. Linux Doesn't Need to Look Like Windows has been a popular and oft-visited article about Vixta on reddit since last week. It had spurred about 100 comments going back and forth about the merit of Vixta's user interface design and whether Linux should look like Windows.

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GIMPShop Review: GIMP Made Friendly

I have been successfully using GIMP for what seems like years. It's free, it's stable and once you understand the rather strange menu layout, it actually provides fantastic functionality. But the reality remains that some people are still trying to come off their Photoshop dependency, and for these individuals, the argument about how fantastic it is tends to fall on deaf ears.

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Brainstorming ideas for the GIMP's next interface

The GIMP image editor is preparing for the start of a new development cycle, and you can have your say in the way the next version looks by submitting a mock-up to the GIMP UI Brainstorm blog. User interface designer Peter Sikking spoke with us about the project and how it fits into the larger work of creating the GIMP's UI.

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Ubuntu getting Xorg.conf GUI

Remember the good old days when to change a screen resolution or driver, you had to edit xorg.conf or reconfigure Those fine times are now over, or they will be, with the release of Ubuntu 7.10.

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GNU/Linux GUI Programming with Ruby

I went a little crazy this week-end, and decided to look for a way to write GUI programs on Linux in ruby. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it is.

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