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GMapCatcher, An Offline Google and OpenStreet Maps Viewer

GMapCatcher is an offline map viewer utility that allows users to view maps without a need of Internet connection once they are loaded. The application supports many different services:

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Created by Dart 6 years 44 weeks ago – Made popular 6 years 44 weeks ago
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Forking TangoGPS

Fork of TangoGPS (easy to use, fast and lightweight mapping application for possible use with GPS) is being done with all possible respect, and hoping that it will be on the best possible terms -- like when EGCS forked from GCC, or when people "fork" the Linux kernel to work on new subsystems: a good-natured fork to do more "experimental" exploration that may not be immediately possible or appropr

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Created by stargrave 7 years 18 weeks ago – Made popular 7 years 17 weeks ago
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Simple example of accessing gpsd from C code

Some simple code to demonstrate retrieving coordinates from gpsd. Included is a gps log to use with gpsfake for testing.

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Created by jptmoore 7 years 37 weeks ago – Made popular 7 years 37 weeks ago
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What TomTom suit may really be about

Cars. Microsoft sees cars as the next frontier for computing. If GPS can remain proprietary open source will lack the enabling technology with which to get into the game.

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Created by balugani 8 years 23 weeks ago – Made popular 8 years 23 weeks ago
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OpenStreetMap grows, spawns ecosystem

OpenStreetMap started four years ago in the UK as a project to create a free and editable world map. What began as a few geogeeks wandering the streets with their GPS’s has turned into a global movement with over 75,000 registered contributors.

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Created by lozz 8 years 37 weeks ago – Made popular 8 years 37 weeks ago
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OpenStreeMaps: free software's answer to Google and commercially-restricted geo-data

"In a recent article on free software and the Large Hadron Collider I mentioned that here in the United Kingdom The Guardian, a national British newspaper, had founded a campaign called 'free our data'.

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Created by can.axis 8 years 45 weeks ago – Made popular 8 years 45 weeks ago
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