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Saving the Intellectual Commons with Open Source

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am not a fan of the term “intellectual property”, and that I prefer the more technically correct term “intellectual monopolies”. Despite that, I strongly recommend a new book from someone who not only approves of the term “intellectual property”, but of its fundamental ideas.

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Moody on Gartner: Math Is Right, But Needs to Show Work

Matt Asay at CNET directs readers to Glyn Moody's take on the Gartner Group's findings that 85% of enterprises are using open source software.

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Glyn Moody & the Latin American Free Software Revolution

"Latin America is emerging as a real hotbed of not only free software coding, but free software uptake by governments - to an extent that puts the UK's pathetic bumblings in this area quite to shame." Glyn Moody interviews Ryan Bagueros of about the Latin American free software revolution and North-by-South, a company that is giving US businesses access to this incredible phenomeno

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