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Amarok Celebrates Success, Announces Roktober Fundraiser

In the last twelve months, we have made more than 4000 commits, closed over 4000 bugs, released 6 new versions of Amarok, written a Quick Start Guide to Amarok, attended over 10 conferences and had a big developer sprint in Switzerland. All of this, thanks to your donations!

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Created by JRepin 5 years 40 weeks ago – Made popular 5 years 40 weeks ago
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Raising Money for Open Source Projects: How Can We Improve?

One of the things I admire about the FLOSS community is the willingness to dig in and tackle problems facing a project, whether they're technical, structural (hosting, etc.), governance, licensing, and so on. But it would occasionally be a better idea to try to recruit expertise from the outside than to try to re-invent the wheel inside each project.

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Buying with the Penguin

I have to confess I like this new affinity Visa Platinum credit card that's being issued by the Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux.

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The Linux Fund rises again

GOOD NEWS is never late, so it's nice to note that The Linux Fund relaunched last month just before the Open Source Convention OSCON in Portland, Oregon.

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