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NPR station WBUR Boston adds support for free audio standard

"BOSTON, Massachusetts, USA -- May 14, 2008 -- The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has marked a milestone in their campaign with the announcement that National Public Radio (NPR) news station WBUR Boston has begun worldwide webcasting in the free audio format Ogg Vorbis..."

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Free Formats vs. Open Formats

"...This isn’t anymore about closed vs. open formats, and you don’t need me to rub it in your face. It’s time to leave those non-free formats behind and look forward for a world of interoperability, a world of doors free to trespass in whatever way you want, and where no one will be able to take that freedom away from anyone else."

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New York becomes latest state to ponder ODF

New York has become the latest U.S. state to ponder whether to use open standards for government document formats, though the move is not necessarily good news for proponents of the ISO standard ODF (Open Document Format).

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