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Authorities should include freedoms when deciding on software

Member of the European Parliament, Amelia Andersdotter, wants public administrations to consider software freedom as one of the reasons to select new ICT solutions. Authorities should base their choice at least partially on the freedoms the software gives to their citizens, enterprises, authorities and schools.

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On-demand video streaming from FOSDEM 2011

On-demand video streaming from FOSDEM 2011 in Ogg Theora format

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FOSDEM 2011 Is The 5th & 6th Of February

The staff behind the Free Software Developers' European Meeting (FOSDEM) have just announced that the 2011 conference will take place on the 5th and 6th of February. This is the first weekend of February, which is right around the time that the other FOSDEMs have taken place. Like always, this event will be taking place in Brussels, Belgium.

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FOSDEM Gets Flak Because of Novell Sponsorship

FOSDEM accepts money from Novell and some attendants are therefore unhappy

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FOSDEM: A Personal Account (with all personal details withheld)

FOSDEM - a geek trip to Brussels. Going abroad to experience different cultures. Or at least, a chance to eat chips, suffer rain, and watch American TV in a different country.

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"...The next talk was about Perl 6. Patrick Michaud was a good speaker, and he could convey his enthousiasm about the (many) novelties of Perl 6 as opposed to 5. He also quickly described what they used for their implementation of Perl 6, Rakudo Perl : the Parrot virtual machine. This seemingly allows you to put together your dynamic language in about 4 hours. Might pick up Perl again sometime..." -- via perlbuzz:

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