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A Vision of the Future of FOSS Collaboration


Participation and open access are key themes in Free software. It encourages dynamic community structures that blur the line between technology consumer and creator. This has been so successful that echoes of it can be found throughout the technology world from mobile app user engagement to game community content creation.

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High-quality scientific graphics with MathGL: An interview with Alexey Balakin


This week we have for you an interview with Alexey Balakin the lead developer of MathGL, a library to render high-quality scientific graphics and manage big data arrays.

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Cloud Computing (SaaS) Licenses – Is AGPL the solution?


It is supported by many that the AGPL license for network services which run in a cloud brings back the fairness provision that the original GPL intended and returns the freedom that FLOSS promises to all users and developers. But does the APGL license really provide all that?

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A response to microsoft’s a few perspectives on openoffice.org


Okay So I am sure that we all have heard saw this bomb of a video that Microsoft has unleashed on the world. Apparently when your own product is really crappy the only way you can get ahead is by making these little videos attacking non-profit opensource projects like the Openoffice community.

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Software Freedom Conservancy appoints full-time executive director


Today, the Software Freedom Conservancy, non-profit organization, which provides Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS) projects with fiscal sponsorship, asset stewardship, license enforcement and license compliance services, announced the appointment of Bradley M. Kuhn as its full-time Executive Director.

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ON2: Test Signals Programme Announced


ON2: Test Signals, a festival exploring new forms for radio and software, has announced its programme. The festival will bring together software developers and radio practitioners to demonstrate, discuss and develop new ways of applying software to radio on Friday 22 October and Saturday 23 October at Direktorenhaus, Berlin.

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Is the FLOSS Community Shooting Itself In the Foot?


Recently my blog attracted a lot of attention from readers who are more critical of FLOSS, and Linux in particular, than my regular readership. Naturally a long discussion erupted where critiques and defenses of various positions and opinions and how stuff works where flung to and fro.

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FLOSS Ad Bard Network


The Ad Bard Network is the only advertising network designed specifically for reaching the developers, architects, users and influencers in the free software community, allowing advertisers to directly communicate with the key customers in this exciting new area.

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A Concise Introduction to Free and Open Source Software


Andy Updegrove writes an article providing an overview of the history of FOSS and its champions, the major philosophical differences that divide FOSS from OSS developers, the multiple licenses under which FOSS is made available, and the principle non-profit institutions that support and promote FOSS.

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Taking a Principled Position on Software Freedom


Those of us in the free/libre and open source software (FLOSS) community know the routine by now.

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Marketing FLOSS, But Not As FLOSS


A lot of discussion goes into how to talk about FLOSS - free libre open-source software (for starters how about not using strange acronyms that sound like something you keep with your toothbrush). A recent Earthweb article discusses this topic, pointing out some of the mistakes that are made.

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Latinamerican Free Software Installation Festival'2K9


I have registered myself as an installer at the Latinamerican Free Software Installation Festival, a.k.a FLISoL (first time to work on a FLISoL ever, by the way). This year this event is going to take place on April 25th on many locations all around latinamerica.

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Open World Forum releases the 2020 FLOSS Roadmap


The Brazilian government’s experience with FLOSS was chosen as one of the best real-world cases for the adoption of free software in the public sector. The case was presented by Professor Christiana Freitas, from the University of Brasília (UNB), and Corinto Meffe, coordinator of Brazil’s Portal do Software Público.

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Why are hardware manufcaturers keeping specs to themselves?


"Just think about it for a moment. About 20 years ago you got specifications for pretty much every piece of hardware you bought. You were given exact instructions on how to use the hardware you just bought, not only how to install it. Things have changed since then.

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Motorola and the FOSS that Wasn't

When Motorola decided to write an "open source" Service Availability Framework they, perhaps unknowingly, illustrated a disturbing trend in the FOSS (free and open source software) world. The new OpenSAF initiative is designed to "[u]tilize an open source licensing model not tied to any commercial implementation" and in doing so remove the need for vendors to implement their own proprietary infrastructure code. Naturally, Motorola describes their motivation to the trade press (Internet News, July 2007) as an example of their desire "to get people to move away from building proprietary platforms".

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