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Why You Should Buy (and Sell) Music in FLAC


Years ago some companies realized they can sell music online. They started selling music in lower quality formats and never made enough effort to offer full CD quality audio, which is pretty much a standard we agreed on about 30 years ago. When some stores do offer CD quality, they often want more money for it, treating it as premium.

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Command-Line Guide to Audio Files in Ubuntu


In this tutorial I will focus mostly on manipulating and converting files to free formats, which in our case will be FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) and Ogg Vorbis (free lossy codec), but support for MP3 is also included where it is the case. These formats are not patented and are free to use without the need to pay for using them.

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Ripping CDs with FLAC - Best Compression Settings


As storage space becomes cheaper, there's a growing trend to save digital music files in a lossless format. Such lossless formats provide an exact replication of the audio quality found in the original content, usually on CD. The resulting files are also much larger, when compared to MP3 or AAC at 128kbps or 256kpbs.

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New Archos 5, 7 firmware adds OGG / FLAC support, fixes bugs


"We noticed a few problems with the firmware on the Archos 5 we got our hands on last month, and it now looks like the company is going some way towards addressing a few of those complaints with its latest update, and it's thrown in a few goodies for good measure. The biggest of those is added support for OGG and FLAC formats..."

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"This project is for the use of the average bloke (yes, you), who would like to further help and promote the use of your favorite free format. The MailOgging is a strategy to get the attention of hardware and software vendors who do not know the Ogg family, do not care about it, or do not know how many people care about it.

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Xiph launches Spread Open Media!


The Xiph.Org Foundation, creators of Vorbis, FLAC, and others, has launched an initiative to promote existing Open Media formats, theirs or otherwise. The project states that Free Software can only succeed by supporting Open Media formats. Let's promote this initiative!

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Rock the iPod with open-source upgrade


"I recently decided to begin ripping all of my newly purchased CDs into FLAC, the Free Lossless Audio Codec. Music files in FLAC format sound better than those using lossy compression formats such as MP3--plus, FLAC is an open standard. The only downside is that my 80GB Apple iPod doesn't play FLAC files. Happily, we can fix that..." with free software!

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