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Personal Finance Manager KMyMoney 4.5 Released

This is the first version based on KDE Platform 4. Some new features are: better documentation, support for the latest version of AqBanking, improved usability of the online banking features, KWallet integration to store online banking passwords, consistency checks...

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Open Source and the Financial Meltdown

Dana Blankenhorn makes some good points in a post from today titled Open Source in a Time of Recession. One of the better points is that, despite the incredible turmoil in global markets and economies, we actually haven't met the official definition of a recession yet here in the U.S., which would be two consecutive quarters without economic growth.

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Much ado about SCO

Much has already been made of a recent investment proposal filed by private equity firm Stephen Norris Capital Partners with the court overseeing the dwindling assets of the now bankrupt SCO Group. The story possesses all the ingredients of a sensational story: a high profile court case, an unnamed Middle Eastern investor, and a headline-grabbing $100 million dollar numbers.

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VC Funding for Open Source: A Tough Sell

The new frontiers for open source companies are social networking-related applications and Software as a Service, said Paul Sterne, CFO of Open-Xchange. "The appetite now in the venture community is to identify companies, like ours, that sell open source products into the Software as a Service environment," he said.

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