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EXT4 is improving the Linux experience

It’s a universal truth that all PCs are slow. All of them, no matter the hardware, no matter the OS, they’re slow. The faster it goes, the faster we want it to go. It’s never enough.

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Anatomy of ext4

The next generation of the extended file system; ext4, provides improved scalability, reliability, and considerable new functionality. This article covers ext4 Functionality, scalability, and performance. It's an easy read to get to know the latest and greatest Linux file system.

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Howto Delete a File Permanently and Securely in Linux

We all know that when you simply delete a file it's possible to recover it later. Sometimes this is useful, if you accidentally delete something important; but most of the time this is a problem, and you really want that file gone forever. This howto will explain how to delete a file in linux securely and permanently, so it can never be recovered.

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A better ext4 filesystem for Linux

A new Linux filesystem gets rid of the 256-petabyte limit, and adds a checksum feature for the journal. But developers want you to know that it's not yet ready for production sytems.

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Delve deep into drives

I recently read a doctorate’s thesis on file system robustness by Vijayan Prabhakaran from the University of Wisconsin. It’s very interesting, and may explain in part the recent ruckus on the LKML around file systems.

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Two new filesystems for Linux

New filesystem technology for Linux includes high capacity, snapshots, copy-on-write, and on-the-fly corruption detection.
[...] The most interesting new contender, perhaps, is btrfs, which was announced by Chris Mason on June 12.

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