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Why and how the OpenDocument format can save you a lot of time!

Beside its openness, there is also one more reason why ODF is great for everybody who must produce a lot of office documents: ODF is really simple to generate or edit automatically. Even if you aren't a professional programmer, it takes very little effort to put together a script that generates or processes in any way texts, presentations or spreadshets in ODF format.

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Italian entrepreneur fights proprietary file formats in Public Administrations

As I already explained in another article file formats are extremely important: unless, at least in Public Administrations (PAs), only open file formats are used, serious amounts of public money can go to waste, important public digital documents may become unreadable and private citizens or businesses may be forced to useless expenses if they want to interact with PAs.

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Proprietary File Formats conflict with Equal Opportunities

In applying for jobs and contract opportunities, the first hurdle is the request for a CV in a proprietary document format. This article describes the approaches taken and the success stories, one at a time, by which the proprietary document format practices have been successfully changed.

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It's the data, stupid

During Clinton’s successful 1992 campaign James Carville hung a sign in in their headquarters with the following three points: 1. Change vs. more of the same; 2. The economy, stupid; 3. Don’t forget health care. He was attempting to counter Clinton’s inclination to offer solutions to any and every topic he encountered.

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Microsoft publishes 'incomplete' OOXML specs

Microsoft has been accused of publishing "incomplete" specifications for its Office file format binaries.

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Warning of data ticking time bomb

""Unless more work is done to ensure legacy file formats can be read and edited in the future, we face a digital dark hole.""

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