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No, You Won't See Me on Facebook, Google Plus, nor Skype


Bradley M. Kuhn writes about the temptations of such proprietary web service social networks and about peer pressure. Even many people who are considered free software advocates use them. But that is digging ground from under our collective feet. Just say no.

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Stallman: Facebook IS Mass Surveillance


RMS: « The father of free software philosophy spoke to RT on evil developers, spying social networks, the almost-legitimacy of Anonymous hacks and the condition under which he would take a proprietary program and a million dollars. Stallman is the man behind the concept that every computer program must be free for users to study and modify as they want.

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FSFE Newsletter - March 2011


Headlines this month:
- Revolution failed: Facebook not available in Egypt;
- Lawyered! - FSFE's legal workshop;
- Leaked documents highlight Germany's Foreign Office move back to non-free software;
- Valentine's Day campaign and PDFReaders news;
- Document Freedom Day: get involved!

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Mark Zuckerberg is TIME Magazine's Person of the Year? Where's the "dislike" button?


Put our dislike button and other anti-Facebook messages on your own site.
Our button, of course, is not linked to any surveillance database or tracking system.

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Open-source Social Network Diaspora Goes Live


Diaspora, a widely anticipated social network site built on open-source code, has cracked open its doors for business today, at least for a handful of invited participants.

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Developing for the social web


So you're fresh out of college with a degree in computer science. As you gleefully wait for that one phone call, you discover the computer isn't just what you were taught it'd be. It has metamorphosed into the pervasive social web. You have the tools, and the know how. All you need is a little tete-a-tete with the ways of the social web.

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Startup Offers Angry FB Users an Alternative


Could some upstart kids from NYU with an open source social networking platform give Facebook a run for its considerable money? You never know.

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Let's Deep-Six Facebook and Do Open Source Social Networking Instead


"An open and distributed model gives users and organizations a chance to choose their social networking platform without sacrificing their connections to friends, family, business partners and colleagues. Control of the data would be an obviously important decision factor for many people."

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SCO: jurors too busy Facebooking to rule on Unix claim


SCO Group wants a judge to overrule a jury that found it doesn’t own Unix. Or it wants a fresh trial. Either, really, as long as SCO gets the result it wants.

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Facebook Joins Microsoft’s War on ODF


An announcement from Mark Zuckerberg reveals his true colours and long known connections with Microsoft; Oracle’s bizarre decision regarding the ODF plug-in for Office is debated further

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Psi Is A Feature-Rich Jabber Instant Messaging Client For Windows, Linux And Mac OS X


Psi is a free, open source instant messaging application designed for the Jabber IM network (including Google Talk) compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

If you're tired with the Jabber functionality of Empathy or Pidgin, both lacking lots of important features for this protocol, you should give Psi a try.

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Facebook re-write takes PHP to an enterprise past Remember C++? They do


Facebook's re-written PHP to transform the dynamic language for fast performance on web-scale server farms without adding additional hardware. The site's engineers have announced HipHop, which turns the popular and dynamic PHP code into highly optimized but static C++ and then compiles it using the GNU C++ compiler, g++.

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Facebook plans PHP changes


On Tuesday, Facebook is expected to unveil changes to PHP, the language that helped make the social networking site a success - along with millions of other web sites. SD Times has outed the planned change here. Facebook wouldn't provide details when contacted by The Reg but said it would make more details available Tuesday morning, Pacific time.

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Facebook Is Now an Apache Software Foundation Gold Sponsor


Facebook just announced that it has become a Gold sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation.

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Facebook blocks Pirate Bay


The world's most popular social community website, Facebook, recently decided to block all links to content on The Pirate Bay, the most popular BitTorrent tracker.

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