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Software Freedom Day on September 17th


It's almost that time again. Check the registered events to see if SFD is celebrated in your vicinity. Or throw an event of your own. Explain to people what it is all about. What is the free software definition? Why was the GNU project started? Who is rms? Or maybe just put their banner on your website. This a good chance to give back.

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Evangelism is War – The Mono/Moonlight Agenda


I was going over an old Groklaw posting that got me thinking about Microsoft and it’s .NET Agenda. I decided to do more research and took a look at the Comes vs Microsoft documents again but from the perspective of the current Mono issues. I am even more convinced that Mono and Moonlight do nothing but help Microsoft win against competing platforms.

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A Battle Over Deposing Bill Gates in the Novell v. Microsoft Antitrust Litigation


So, guess what has been happening in the Novell v. Microsoft antitrust litigation? A battle over deposing Bill Gates.

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Stepping away from evangelism


I rarely evangelize about FOSS when face to face. While I will argue in favor of FOSS in articles, or in speech, I hardly ever do so in casual conversation.

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Top 10 Responses to Why Should I Use Linux? - A Linux Evangelists’ Reference


If you’re a Linux enthusiast like me, you’ve probably tried to convert a few people over to Linux from another operating system. Even though you succeed many times, there are always a few ‘geniuses’ out there who need some real persuading to switch over to Linux.

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Should Linux Users Lead From The Heart?


After my last post about who uses Linux and really prefers to stick with it, I received a remarkable number of comments from people who'd not only tried it and stuck with it, but had taken as many other people as they could with them. That got me thinking: What's the best way to evangelize Linux?

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