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Consumers Don't Own Computers "Designed for Windows 8", and They Go to Landfills Earlier


What you should be aware of and concerned about as a consumer is those machines labeled as "Designed for Windows 8". Much more so if you care about the environmental and humanitarian problems caused by e-wastes, for these machines do end up much earlier as e-wastes than the ordinary machines manufactured now.

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Alter Your Environment with Functions


The user can alter the Bash shell environment by adding functions to their .bash_profile or by editing the global /etc/profile script for all users. This feature provides a great deal of flexibility for the administrator and user.

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Linux: Lean, clean, and green


Green IT is one of the hottest of today's technology trends, and the GNU/Linux® community has risen to the challenge. Along with several corporate partners, the GNU/Linux operating system provides solutions for dealing with power consumption, carbon emissions, and e-waste.

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Linux: Save The Earth, Save A Buck?


Some IT users "go green" to save the planet. Others do it to save money. Either way, Linux has a lot to offer any green-minded small business.

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Linux captures the 'green' flag, beats Windows 2008 power-saving measures


Independent tests show that Red Hat Linux pulls as much as 12% less power than Windows 2008 on identical hardware

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Interview: How a hacker became a freedom fighter


"One of the founding fathers of "free software" and an esteemed elder of the hacking community, Richard Stallman has made defending people's freedoms his life's work. That usually means supplying hackers with software and attacking copyright law.

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Linux resources cool greenhouses


Believe it or not, even virtual penguins have a part to play in the global warming debate. Scott Allen, Europcar chief information officer, says extending the life of desktops is a form of recycling.

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Who pays the DRM man?


Microsoft - and all its DRM buddies - continue to claim up to this very day that DRM won't affect the consumer too much, "given that cost (..) is most heavily influenced by volume". However, behind closed doors the bird is singing quite another song. The following is taken from a presentation at the WinHEC 2005. Read this and shiver.

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Black Google not as green as painted


Interesting blog about how environmentally friendly Google is, and whether painting the background black instead of white would save electricity and help save the planet.

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Green Linux to attack power consumption


"The Linux Foundation has formed a Green Linux initiative to focus on reducing the open source operating system's power consumption."

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